U.C.G Return Policy

Globe Electronics will provide a refund, replacement or repair in accordance with the Globe Electronics Minimum Voluntary Warranty Policy set out Here http://www.globeelectronics.com.au/u.c.g-voluntary-warranty-policy/. This Policy only sets out the minimum time periods within which Globe Electronics will offer you a refund; replacement or repair and your rights under the ACL may extend beyond these time periods. A further understanding of the ACL (Australian consumer laws) Policy can be found here http://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights-guarantees.


To obtain a refund or any other remedy please Contact Globe Electronics via www.globeelectronics.com/contact or phone 1300 132 912. You will be required to provide proof of purchase from Globe Electronics by sending your receipt to info@globeelectronics.com.au. Globe electronics need to be satisfied that the product is faulty, the cause of the fault and that the problem with the goods was not your fault in most cases all that is simply required is some form of basic troubleshooting. Globe Electronics reserves the right to have returned goods assessed within a reasonable time frame by the manufacturer to determine this.

In most circumstances, faulty goods would have been sold complete with out of the box accessories such as remotes, controllers, power cords, battery chargers and computer connectivity cables. It is a requirement for the fulfillment of refunds, exchanges, and replacements that customers have used their best endeavors to return faulty products complete with the out of the box accessories supplied at the time of the original purchase. Globe Electronics reserves the right to refuse claim/refund replacement until so. Globe Electronics reserves the right to not provide a remedy in accordance with the Globe Electronics Minimum Voluntary Warranty Policy where the product has been used predominantly in a commercial or business environment or for commercial or business purposes and Globe Electronics has not, prior to purchase, expressly advised that the product is designed for that environment or purpose. In such circumstances, you may still have the rights against Globe Electronics under the ACL. Once all requirements are met Globe Electronics or the Manufacture will organize for your product to be picked up and or refunded, replaced. 


Electrical and Electronic Products & Accessories

Returned Product Status


Time Limit

Exclusions and other Conditions

Faulty Product with packaging in any condition or packaging discarded

Refer to Minimum Voluntary Warranty Policy Guide. (opposite)

Unused & Unopened, packaging in good condition (product
not faulty) - eg change of mind.

100% Refund

7 Days

Excludes Commercial Sales


For your manufactures warranty, manufacturers have dedicated support centers designed specifically to deal with issues in relation to their products and may even provide in-home support and advanced troubleshooting. In many circumstances, the manufacturer may, therefore, be able to provide a quicker assessment of, and remedy for, any issue with your product, even if the manufacturer’s warranty has expired ( there might be some fees associated with an out of warranty time period). You may, therefore, prefer to contact the manufacturer rather than Globe Electronics. Simply fill the warranty card online/hard copy provided. Feel free to contact Globe Electronics via our contact page if you are having difficulty in resolving any issue that you might have.