The Supercook -SC350

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Why you should get the Supercook-SC350

Be a food pro a Kitchen Master or have your own personal chef right in your kitchen, With the increasing busy life to meet the living style of the consumers of Australia we tend to have less time and energy to either spend time with the family or to prepare meals due to fact that we are just too tired. Introducing the Bellini Supercook-350 the Re-invented Supercooker an all in one multi cooker with 16 functions, large 4.5 Litre stainless bowl, WI-Fi connectivity endless recipe ideas to suit both vegetarians and meat-eaters, sweet teeth to complex meal creators or quick meals that can be directly sent to the Yumi control via Wi-Fi from your mobile phone.

The Super Cook Recipes

You will never run out of ideas with a large library of meals recipes, the Supercook-SC350 provides you with an endless list of Yumi recipe which can be found HERE. Easily create meals such as soups Cauliflower soups, chilli soups, Pumpkin soups to main course meals such fish cakes, creamy pesto pasta, Satay beef, Pizza, dough Stake Mushroom beef, Honey mustard chicken to dressing, Leche Asada, Thick Greek Yoghurt, Créme Brulée, Custard, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Ultimate Tim Tam Cheesecake. A very happy user of the Supercook family an Australian Mum Cassie Stack who wrote in

"Tonight was a normal night in my household; dinner time loomed, the cat needed feeding, the husband and child needed feeding and get the child refused to leave my side and insisted on “helping”. Once again, out came the supercook. My son was able to “help” throw the ingredients in, push a few buttons and Suzie my Supercook did the rest. She diced, sautéd, stirred and ensured my meals were ready in no time at all.


Dinner is so much easier with Suzie my Supercook in my life."

The Supercook is a machine with boundless ideas and ability that as Cassie Stack appreciated makes life so much easier.

The Supercook-SC350

Have more time doing the things you love and feel your taste buds dance. Follow the link to purchase your first or second Supercook-SC350 and Experience the simplicity, Effortless enjoyable way of modern cooking.