Salt water Lantern

Author: Globe Electronics   Date Posted:16 November 2018 

Invented by a trio of Philippine-based inventors, The salt water Lantern was developed due to the fact that the Philippines was prone to a higher level of natural disasters like typhoons and earthquakes and because the country is made up of over 7,000 islands, most of which do not have access to electricity it was only natural; for them to come up with an alternative source of energy and the one thing they had of abundant was the source of saltwater which now that can be used to light homes and, in emergencies, power cell phones.

The basis of the salt water lamp is as of the science behind your standard battery in which the electrolyte solution consisting of purely salty water is combined with the 4 electrodes that are placed into each filled salt water quadrant, this, in turn, creates a reaction causing the electrodes to create electricity across them which then powers up your LED Light. With no flammable materials, chemicals, or components that go into the lamp makes the entire reaction safe and harmless.

With the added bonus USB charge output which produces 5V @ 1-2A 52500mAh simply charge your mobile device. The power of nature, never run out of juice.



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